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Preventative Maintenance

While the weather outside might be calling for raincoats and umbrellas, an upcoming rainy season doesn’t have to give you much cause for concern. If you are prepared, it could feel like just another sunny day. By following these simple common sense tips, you can avoid singing the blues.


  • Clean rain gutters and downspouts that often clog with tree leaves and debris
  • Clear patio and deck drains to ensure the backup water doesn’t seep under doors or the building foundation
  • Properly seal and caulk windows (we recommend you do this annually)
  • Have your roof inspected by a qualified roof before the rainy season. Often, problems are undetectable until after a loss occurs so having a good roofer on call for immediate repairs is key to minimizing damage
  • Remind unit owners to check their washing machine hoses, ice maker connections, toilet seals, hot water heaters, angle stops and water supply lines. We also recommend you make sure all owners know where the main water shut off valve is located.
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