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Do I need EQ Insurance/Shopping for EQ Insurance?

Something to Consider

If you own your home, it is probably your single biggest asset and you’ve worked hard to achieve the American Dream. In the blink of an eye, your dream can crumble into a nightmare if an earthquake strikes and damages your home and personal belongings. Even if you take all available safety precautions, if a strong enough earthquake strikes, it is highly likely your home will suffer some level of damage and you will need to repair it or replace your belongings. One way to give yourself peace of mind is to buy earthquake insurance.

It’s true, you are at risk for a loss if you own property in earthquake country – and there’s no debate – Southern California is earthquake country. At Steve Reich Insurance, we will help you ask the right questions about your potential risk and take steps to help you prepare and protect yourself, while reducing that risk.

Remember, earthquake insurance in California is NOT typically part of a homeowners insurance policy.

Contact us today and to evaluate your earthquake risk before the ground starts to shake!

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