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Simple Steps to EQ Safety

Earthquakes are inevitable, but the damage from them is not. Many people believe the destruction caused by earthquakes in unavoidable and their only option is to pick up the broken pieces after the shaking stops. This is not true.

You can limit earthquake damage and loss by following a few simple steps before, during and after. Remember, more losses come from objects that break or fall on people causing them to get hurt then from collapsing buildings.

Designed to keep you safer, these simple steps may also save a lot of money and reduce your risk of being hurt or even killed during an earthquake.

Before Steps

  1. Identify potential hazards in your home and fix them
  2. Create a disaster plan
  3. Create a disaster supplies kit
  4. Identify your buildings potential weaknesses and fix them

During Steps

  1. During an earthquake and/or aftershock: drop, cover and hold on

After Steps

  1. After the earthquake: check for injuries and damage
  2. When safe, continue to follow your disaster plan


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