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Condo Owners/ Townhouses

Designed with your special needs in mind, our condominium owners package offers you the coverage you need and the options you want to ensure the protection of both your personal property and your personal liability.

With Condominium Insurance, your personal property is covered against:

  • Theft or vandalism
  • Smoke (if sudden and accidental)
  • Sudden and accidental discharge of water or steam from plumbing, heating, air conditioning or other household appliance
  • Fire or lightning
  • Windstorm or hail
  • Explosion
  • Glass breakage
  • Falling objects
  • Building collapse
  • Vehicles or aircraft
  • Weight of snow, ice or sleet
  • Riot or civil commotion
  • Sudden and accidental discharge from artificially generated electrical current

Your condominium owners policy also comes with personal liability coverage which pays for bodily injury to other people or damage to their property if you are liable because of:

  • Unintentional acts committed by you or qualified family members on or off your premises
  • The acts of your pets

Your policy also covers legal expenses, such as court costs, attorney fees, etc if you need to be defended for any reason. Your coverage also pays any necessary expenses incurred, including up to $60 a day for loss of wages.

Contact us today to see if you qualify for one of our condominium discounts – making it even more affordable than ever.

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