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You don’t want to get caught uninsured – especially when the #1 cause of bankruptcy today is lack of adequate health care insurance or health care coverage.

4 Reasons Why You Should Have
Health Insurance

  1. Life is unpredictable: Even if you are healthy today, eating right and exercising regularly, you could get caught off guard by an unexpected accident, illness or injury. It happens, all the time.
  1. Medical care is expensive: The financial risk you take without a quality health plan might shock you when you realize an average day in the hospital will cost you more than $9,000 without health insurance. Can you say, “Ouch?”
  1. Health insurance protects you financially: Medical care can add up quickly to a staggering financial loss. A good health plan with medical coverage can help limit your out-of-pocket costs, protect your assets and safeguard your future earnings.
  1. Health care is affordable: If you were to add up the costs for all your health related services plus the cost of a possible catastrophic illness or injury that you would have to pay for yourself without heath insurance and compare it to the cost of a heath plan’s low monthly premium, you’d see how affordable health coverage really is.

You should call Steve Reich Insurance today if you:

  • Are between jobs
  • Self-employed
  • Are no longer covered on mom or dad’s health insurance
  • Recently lost your health insurance
  • Simply want more affordable health care options than you have now

Don’t get caught uninsured. Contact us and enroll in a quality health care plan today.

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