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When Rubber Boots are Not Enough

Think you need to live near water to need flood insurance? Well, think again. In recent years, 25% of all flood insurance claims have come from areas not considered high risk.

With homes, office parks and parking lots springing up and taking place of forests, meadows and other natural open spaces, our land is losing its natural ability to absorb water. The result? Floods are becoming more severe. Keep in mind: floods are caused by storms, melting snow, and water back-up due to inadequate or overloaded drainage systems, dam or levee failure.

What’s covered by flood insurance?
Any direct physical loss sustained by the flood is covered, as well as flood-related erosion caused by strong, abnormally high waves or currents of water activity sever storms, flash flood or abnormal tidal surge. Damage caused by mudslides is also covered if it is specifically defined in your policy

Is flood insurance affordable?
Yes. Flood insurance is very affordable. Contact us now to find out how you can get flood insurance today.

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